Our Story

Meet the Team!

Tina and Sarah, Co-Founders

 owners of LEMA sitting behind the candles

Ever since our rescue babies made their way into our lives, we knew we wanted to find a way to support those inspiring animal rescues near us. While candle making started out as a passion project, it has transformed into our way of showing appreciation for the hardworking rescues in the greater Los Angeles area. It means so much to us that we can share our mission with every purchase of our carefully crafted candles, as our journey merely began when two little kittens and two pups wandered into our lives. While both of us grew up in Chicago, we met each other in Los Angeles, and only time would reveal the rest of our adventure when we came up with the idea to start a business that gives back to animals. We are proud to bring you a line of candles dedicated to all of the animals in need and their heroic rescuers, named after our own special fur kids: 

Lucy • Ethel • Mia • Annie

Or as we know it now, LEMA Candles


The L & The E

Calico Kitten standing next to a Brown Tabby Kitten

Lucy and Ethel found Sarah's front door in Mid City, LA. Sarah called Tina and before they knew it, they were picking endless fleas off their fur deep into the night. Then came months of de-worming and getting rid of ear mites which proved to be very cumbersome but it sure was worth it. This was when Sarah and Tina became close friends and soon after, business partners. Now Lucy and Ethel are Tina's kitty children.


The M & The A

Two Chihuahua & Dachshund mix dogs sitting next to each other

Mia was adopted by Sarah and her husband from an animal rescue in Chicago. After 3 years of being an only dog, they knew Mia needed a sibling, and thought they found the perfect match. But while Sarah and her husband were playing with Mia’s soon-to-be brother, Mia had wandered off and was found sitting next to her soon-to-be sister, Annie, instead. And they have been inseparable ever since.



You may have seen a black Scottish fold kitty on the LEMA socials. Sarah saw this panther kitty wandering around her neighborhood with a Siamese kitten in tow so she made it her mission to save them. Even though it took a little time to get the kitten, oddly enough Kona just jumped right into her car willingly. Sarah was able to adopt out the kitten and pretty soon realized that Mia and Annie not only accept Kona but love her like she was their long lost sister. So needless to say, Kona found her forever home. We haven’t figured out how to add her to our business yet but we do think she will have her own candle collection one day called “The Kona Collection.” Stay Tuned!