Happy Spring! Treat yourself to a candle that gives back!

About Us

The Ladies of LEMA
 owners of LEMA sitting behind the candles

We are Sarah and Tina from LEMA and we are thrilled to start this journey of sharing our love for candles with you. We are both from Chicago but met in LA. We rescued a couple five week old kittens from the streets of Mid City, LA and the rest is history.  Tina has the two little kitties that we rescued, Lucy and Ethel, and Sarah has two little rescued pups, Mia and Annie. We stumbled upon a fun hobby of candle making and realized how many animal rescues we could help if we sold our product and were able to donate to local rescues around LA.  And just like that... we founded our candle company! LEMA is derived from our very own rescue babies: 

Lucy • Ethel • Mia • Annie <3

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