Giving Back

Why do we donate to animal rescues?

Every year, over 800,000 animals are taken into California shelters, not including the ones that are abandoned on the streets. Less than half end up getting adopted. This means that many are unfortunately euthanized due to space. Animal rescue organizations bail animals out of the shelters, get them seen by a vet, and place them with foster families while they work on spreading the word to find them a forever home. Rescues also are the ones who are out there on the streets dealing with animal abandonment and the major stray cat issue we have in Los Angeles. They TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) all the stray cats they can to prevent more unwanted sick kittens from being born on the streets. When we saved Lucy & Ethel, caring for them opened our eyes and we realized how incredibly hard it is to rescue an animal off the street. The remarkable rescues and volunteers do this every single day all over the world. We choose to donate 10% of every purchase to raise awareness and to make a small dent in getting them the money they desperately need to continue their efforts. While our business is only a small way to support the rescues doing the life-changing work, we believe that every penny counts.